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Manage client blogs centrally with Quickblog

Quickblog gives Agencies a centrally managed, embedded, super-fast, SEO ready blog for client websites, that ranks on Search Engines, without spending any time or $$$ on theme coding, editing or design.

Why Quickblog for Agencies? 

Quickblog's Whitelabel functionality ensures a branded experience for clients.

Quickblog is focused on SEO-first to optimize content and improve ranking.

Quickblog has no hosting, nothing to install and no security updates.

Quickblog's lightning-fast backend and responsiveness is given the green-light for Google search.

Quickblog's portability means no migrating blogs if switching from one website to another.

Quickblog is flexible, saves time and money and helps boost organic traffic.

Blogging. Simplified.

Manage blog posts from a single, intuitive dashboard. Agency optimized. Simply wonderful.

Quickblog - Simplified Blogging with Agency & Client Management


Quickblog's Whitelabel makes it easy to customize the look and feel of the platform to give clients a branded experience. Customize the logo, color, favicon, login domain, email address, custom scripts and more.

Quickblog Agency Whitelabel

You & your clients will see measurable impact


Boost in organic traffic using a blog sub-directory rather than a sub-domain and by focusing content using Quickblog's SEO Scorer.


Saved over 2 weeks using Quickblog's automated scheduling with Google Sheets and other innovative features.

* dependencies apply. 

Easy & fast to setup

Works with any website. Super-fast experience. SEO ready.

2 lines of code - No developer/designer required

Drops into client websites super quickly.

All content - Searchable and organized

Client blog will be optimized for search rankings.



"It is absolutely brilliant..."

Alex B
Watch Alex's video testimonial about Quickblog 😄


"I'm using Quickblog as a way to more efficiently deliver Blog content to client websites. This is a major time saver. Quickblog is also well optimised for SEO to enable Google to read and index the content"


"Quickblog lives up to its name - very quick and easy to blog. Quickblog has become my favorite tool. I felt very good vibe from the founder's humble honesty that always took feedbacks and improved the product"


"I like using Quickblog because it is very easy to use and there is an SEO feature that guides me so that my writing is more focused. Easily integrates, no complicated settings needed. The loading time is also fast"


Plan the perfect post

Schedule posts. Import content from Google Sheets.

Schedule Posts

Schedule posts at a precise date & time.

Import Content

Bring content in from Google Sheets.

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