Quickblog is packed with innovative features to help you build a better blog in 2 minutes! Click here for an interactive demo*!

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SEO Scorer

Quickblog's SEO Scorer enables you to focus your content writing and improve your blog post ranking by recommending actions to take to optimize your content structure, keywords, meta description, tags and more.

Quickblog's SEO Scorer
Quickblog's Team & Sub-accounts

Teams & Sub-accounts

Perfect for Agencies, Quickblog's Team and Sub-accounts allows you to manage multiple blogs for your businesses and your clients and give access to specific accounts with different permissions.


Quickblog's Whitelabel makes it easy to customize the look and feel of the platform to give your clients a branded experience. Customize the logo, color, favicon, login domain, email address, custom scripts and more.

Quickblog's Whitelabel
Quickblog's Shopify Integration

Shopify Integration 

With Quickblog's Shopify Integration, you can include products directly in your blog, increasing conversions and making your content more engaging.

Multiple Layouts

Quickblog's Layout options enable you to quickly customize the look of your blog and posts, including colours, button, categories, Images and more. There are 100s of ways to change the layout to suit your style.

Quickblog's Layout Manager

Just a few layout examples...

Easy Web Integration

Watch how fast and easy it is to set up Quickblog in your existing website. You'll be posting content in no time.


"It is absolutely brilliant! Previously I had to rely on WordPress which meant building two websites to make it fit with my branding which is a hassle. Quickblog allowed me to quickly add a blog that not only looks great but is super easy... It just works!"

Alex B

All Features

SEO Scorer

Focus your content and improve your post ranking.

Teams & Sub-accounts

Manage multiple blogs and user account access permissions.


Customise Quickblog to give your clients a branded experience.

Cloud Hosted

Get your Quickblog up without using WordPress/Ghost/other.


Create multiple authors and informational bios.


Schedule your posts and be more efficient.

Put Ads in Posts

Monetise your content and earn passive income.

Put Video in Posts

Add engaging content from YouTube, Wistia, Vimeo and others.

Put Snippets in Posts

Clearly show your readers how technical aspects works.

Related Posts

Quickly and easily link related blog posts to improve findability.

Post Categories

Group your content into categories for focused reading.

Custom Styling

Customize your blog however you see fit with CSS.

International Languages

Use Quickblog is the right locale for you and your users.

Preview Post

Check your post is up to scratch before making it Live.

Media Integration

Liven up your content with stock images and other media.

Easy Website Integration

Add Quickblog to your site and start posting content quickly.

Shopify Integration

Monetise your blog and sell products organically.

Google Sheets Integration

Create posts faster and automate scheduling.

Multiple Layouts

Customise your blog in 100s of ways to suit your style.

Individual Post Sharing

Create virality and engagement with your content using ShareThis.

Individual Post Commenting

Foster community and discussions using Disqus.

Search Bar

Give readers the ability to find content easily.

CSV Import

Create posts faster and more reliably.

Custom Buttons

Change colors, fonts, types and texts of Call To Action buttons.

No website? No problem

You don't need WordPress or Ghost. We'll host your Quickblog for free on our site.


"I'm using Quickblog as a way to more efficiently deliver Blog content to client websites. This is a major time saver. Quickblog is also well optimised for SEO to enable Google to read and index the content"


Quickblog works with any web builder/framework

Here are some of the supported integrations. Click to learn more!


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