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Quickblog helps bloggers and content agencies create embedded, super-fast, SEO ready content, that ranks on Search Engines with priority, without spending any time or $$$ on theme coding, editing or design.

Easy & fast to setup

Works with any website. Super-fast experience. SEO ready.

2 lines on your site - No developer/designer required

Drops into your website builder page quickly.

AMP compatible - Future proof blog platform³

Your readers' mobile experience is unbelievably fast.³

All your content - Searchable and organized

Your blog will be optimized for search rankings.

No website? No problem

You don't need WordPress or Ghost. We'll host your Quickblog for free on our site.

Create content that converts

Quickblog works with any website builder. With its Shopify plugin, you can include products directly in your blog, increasing conversions and making your content more engaging.

Shopify Integration

Craft the perfect post

Schedule your posts. Connect your Shopify. Import your content from Google Sheets.

Schedule Posts

Schedule your posts at a precise date & time.

Connect Shopify

Sell your shop items directly from your blog.

Import Content

Bring your content in from Google Sheets.

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Quickblog works with any web builder/framework

Here are some of the supported integrations. Click to learn more!

Blogging. Simplified.

Manage your blog posts from a single, intuitive dashboard. Agency ready. Simply wonderful.

Blogging Simplified

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